Happy Easter And Stay Healthy

Hi!! We hope everyone’s doing well in these difficult times. Our hearts go out to all the affected families, tireless service worker keeping shelves stocked and brave medical workers on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

For those of us at home, it’s easy to feel helpless. But don’t give up! There are plenty of easy steps to take to stay happy and healthy at home!

  • Stay Connected- Strong social connections are one of, if not the single most, important factors of health. Under these circumstances, it’s easy to feel isolated; however, physical distance doesn’t mean social distance thanks to technology! Schedule calls with friends; organize virtual happy hours or even set up a “virtual break room” with coworkers to keep up those spontaneous chats at the office!
  • Move- No gym? Favourite exercise class canceled? Don’t stop moving! Movement doesn’t just keep the body fit and arm the immune system; it’s a powerful weapon against depression. Take the opportunity (and free time!) to go outside or take advantage of the thousands of free at home workout videos on the web! Movement doesn’t have to be intense either. This is the perfect opportunity to finally take up yoga or meditation.
  • Get Creative in the Kitchen- Restaurants are closed. Groceries are still in stock! This is the perfect opportunity to get cooking! Even though some items are in short supply, there’s nothing a little creativity can’t solve. Try some of these 
  • Set a Routine- With everything going on, calling the situation stressful is probably akin to calling heart surgery a “minor procedure”. If being quarantined and new of medical shortages weren’t bad enough, the ever changing situation throws uncertainty into the mix. Establishing a routine creates a sense of certainty and comfort. So, while lounging at home in PJs sounds fun, it’s probably better to get dressed and “go to work”.

We hope these tips help everyone deal with the stresses of this new reality.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Stay safe!