Welcome LittleMoochi Summer Interns

As the weather begins to warm, we hope everyone’s taking the opportunity to get out into nature… 6 feet apart of course. 

Daily activity is one of the most important steps in staying happy and healthy. While it might be tempting to just slouch on the couch with a box of pizza, it’s important not to give up.  The Little Moochi team certainly hasn’t. Here’s what we’ve been doing to keep our body and spirits up!

  • Summer’s been getting busy in the kitchen, whipping up healthy, delicious dishes like these mouthwatering tofu bao buns.
  • Julie puts tech to work to get fit with her fancy new Ring fit.
  • ZhuYun is busier than ever, but that doesn’t stop her from making work healthier with her stand up desk. 
  • No gym, no problem! Yi shows everyone how to stay strong at home

Our Interns haven’t been slacking either.

  • Eileen went above and beyond by planting her own paradise in the back yard. See Eileen’s seeds have sprouted, we believe the best is yet to come.
  • In true gamer fashion, Sebastian hacked healthy lockdown by adding another monitor to mimic sunlight… just kidding…He bought a standing desk

Even better, we feel so excited that many CMU talents are helping LittleMoochi this summer 2020 achieve the next milestones! Besides working hard at home, we hosted our first virtual happy hour successfully with lots of fun together!

As hard as the situation is, LittleMoochi is committed to staying happy and healthy! We hope everyone does the same.

Stay Cute, Stay healthy!