Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

Teaching kids to love healthy foods can seem difficult, if not impossible. But, there are a couple of tricks to get even the pickiest eaters on board.

  • Set a good example

Kids soak up everything, including our food preferences. Cooking up delicious, healthy dishes and making a point of enjoying it might just change their mind.

  • Switch things up

Healthy foods might not be the culprit; it could be a matter of finding the right ones! Step out of your comfort zone and pick up some new flavours. Switching things up also keeps boredom at bay for everyone!

  • Substitute

Healthy eating doesn’t mean foregoing favourites. Simply make some easy swaps. For example, instead of traditional Mac and Cheese, try using a bean based pasta for extra fiber and protein. Here is an easy cheat sheet with 35 ideas to try: https://whatmomslove.com/food/healthy-food-swaps-substitutions-chart-cheat-sheet/

  • Make it Fun!

Every parent knows that kids will do pretty much anything if it’s fun. Why not apply this to healthy eating? Create excitement around trying new foods; cut foods into fun shapes or… turn dinnertime into a game! Little Moochi does just that. Our app gives kids the opportunity to raise an adorable AI pet by snapping a pic of their meals. Our backend AI engine recognizes the contents of the meals and provides feedback based on USDA guidelines. Getting balanced nutrition means a healthy Moochi, and cool prizes.

LittleMoochi is here for the entire family. Let us know if these tips help. Don’t forget to like, share and give our App a try!