How to get kids to eat veggies?

Vegetables are nutritious and important to a kid’s growth. They contain important sources of nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. Knowing all these benefits, we must ask ourselves a simple question: how to get kids to eat veggies? It is actually not that difficult to feed vegetables to kids. By applying a few of the tricks below, we can get kids to eat vegetables and even make them love their veggies

1 Feed vegetables early

Recent studies have found that dietary habits are fairly well established by two years of age. However, a substantial proportion of infants do not consume any vegetables and fruit on a given day. 

2 Encourage them with praise

If you praise your child each time she eats or tries vegetables, she is more likely to eat vegetables again. Praise then when they eat vegetables so that they will continue to do so.

3 Put vegetables in front of your kids

put the vegetables in front of your kids, and they may sometimes eat them. You may be surprised at how effective it can be to simply put your vegetables in front of your child.