5 best superfoods to help kids grow

Kids need all the nutrients they can get to grow healthy and strong. That’s why every expert agrees it’s important to “eat the rainbow”

No… Skittle don’t count 😉

Here are the top 5 best superfoods to help kids grow (and love too!):

  1. Berries- berries are chock full of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Even better, they’re the perfect satisfying sweet treat. Fresh berries in season are best, but don’t shy away from frozen berries. Grab a handful or blend them into an irresistibly powerful smoothie
  2. Greek yogurt- Greek yogurt is packed with plenty of protein to help fuel growth- 15 grams per cup! Skip to sugar laden pre-flavoured containers and opt for some berries and a drizzle of honey instead
  3. Sweet Potato- Potatoes get a bad rap, but they’re actually a nutrition powerhouse. Sweet potatoes not only have all the fiber and potassium of regular potatoes, they also have plenty of beta carotene and a delicious sweet taste.  
  4. Eggs- Eggs aren’t just THE go to convenient protein source, they’re a great source of essential fatty acids and micronutrients such as choline, B12 and selenium… as long as you don’t throw out the yolk
  5. Nuts and Seeds- Nuts and seeds are the perfect low carb snack for kids. They provide plenty of high quality Omega- 3 fatty acids to help kids grow just as smart as they are strong. 

Now, put these into some delicious, kid- friendly superfood packed recipes even the pickiest kids will love!