Three Great Healthy Activities for Kids

Let’s face it, nutrition isn’t exactly the most engaging thing to learn about. But, kids will soak up anything as long it’s wrapped up in fun. Get the kids running to the kitchen with the healthy food activities for kids.
  1. Family Cooking Time- Kids love to get their hands dirty, so let them get involved in the kitchen! It’s the perfect teaching time and way to get in precious family bonding time. Toddlers as young as two can help with mixing, and you’d be surprised how many teens are willing to get involved
  2. Nutrient Detective- Next time you come back from the grocery store or are preparing meals, ask the kids to “find the nutrients”. For example, instead of telling them you bought bananas, ask them to find the “yellow fruit rich in potassium”.

3. Grow a Garden- What better way to teach kids about the magic of plants than to let them see for themselves? If space is limited, sprouting beans or growing micro-greens on a windowsill are great, mess free options.

We hope you get a chance to try these out. And… don’t forget to bring Moochi into the fun!

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