LittleMoochi’s AI-powered backend enables it to recognize millions of different types of foods, giving our customers the flexibility to include LittleMoochi in their everyday lives. When your Moochi pet is hungry, simply scan your plate, watch your Moochi respond to the food you’ve provided, and receive points that can be redeemed for stickers in the sticker shop!

LittleMoochi emerged in reponse to the childhood obesity epidemic sweeping our nation. Due to a number of complicated factors, our youngest generations are not adopting healthy eating habits to the same extent as their predecessors. We felt that creating a gamified app that encourages healthy eating could lead to long-term behavior changes for generations to come.

LittleMoochi is centered around a reward-based system that gives players points after “feeding” their Moochi pet 3 standard meals and 2 snacks daily. Players receive more points when they consume healthier foods, and less points when they eat less healthy fare. Players can cash in their points for stickers to decorate their Moochi pet’s home. They can also engage in “new food” challenges that reward higher amounts of points than simply eating a meal. It’s that simple.

First and foremost, LittleMoochi is intended to eliminate mealtime arguments, encouraging children to try something new by giving them an external pet to take care of who relies on their own eating habits to grow and thrive. Parents can also opt into a dashboard view of their child’s nutritional habits and predicted growth trajectory over time. This can be shared with pediatricians to better inform medical care and advice.

Moochi is more than just a healthy eating app – our sticker component teaches children the concept of delayed rewards, as saving up points gleans better stickers for Moochi’s home. Our built-in challenges teach children to be unafraid to try new things, fostering open-mindedness and curiosity.