LittleMoochi Joins Ascender's Incubation Program

After an intensive virtual 3-day, virtual bootcamp with 13 other companies, LittleMoochi was successfully chosen for Ascender’s year-long incubation program.

Next Pittsburgh Just Had An Interview With LittleMoochi Summer Xia

Is your kid’s diet unhealthy? Is your kid a picky eater? Is your kid prefer fatty and sugary food other than vegetables? Are you seeking for a solution for childhood overweight or obesity? There’s an app for that.

A tech startup based at Carnegie Mellon University has developed LittleMoochi, an AI-powered virtual pet that encourages children to form positive eating habits in a fun way.

Here’s how it works: Your child adopts and names a LittleMoochi to establish an emotional attachment with the computerized pet. While your child enjoys a meal or snack, she can feed her pet at the same time by snapping a photo of what’s on her plate. Three times a day, the child is reminded to feed LittleMoochi…